Whitney and I have been on our own for some time and have acquired many of the things we need. Until we closed on the boat and started moving aboard a few weeks ago, the idea was to forgo any gifts in favor of good ol' company and a great time on our wedding day. But, since trekking into the unknown, we quickly realized the special needs that come along with living on a boat -especially a wooden one. 

Within the last four weeks we've gotten rid of lots of stuff. Couch? Gone. Beds? Gone. Clothes? (Nearly) gone. It's quite liberating actually. But now we've found ourselves searching for the things we'll need to keep this dream alive - including a few things that are specifically designed for a boat such as ours.

With that, we invite each and every one of you to be a part of our new life together by supporting the adventure. Whether that comes from the purchase a few small tools, sandpaper, varnish, lighting, bedding or simply showing your love by joining us for the wedding itself, we'll be eternally grateful. 

Gifts and donations aside, we encourage everyone to share in the adventure by either stopping by for a drink in the galley, joining us for a short cruise in the harbor, or packing up for a weekend getaway to the San Juan Islands. Stop by anytime as we love nothing more then spending time with with great friends. 

Here's to livin' the dream. 


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